Standard Registration

1 Personal Information
2 Emergency Contact
3 Picture & Documents
4 Order details
5 Agreement
Personal Information
Bo email lo wordo usa solamente pa nos comunica cu bo persona.
Your email will only be used to communicate with you.
Contacto di Emergenca/Emergency Contact

Number di emergencia ta wordo usa si algun emergencia pasa riba bus, pa nos por contact un persona pa informa e sucedido.

Emergency number is used when there is an incident on the bus and we have to inform a person what occured.

Documentonan Necesario/ Necessary Documents

Manera corecto di saca potret./ Proper manner to take the picture

ID, Passport, Driver's License

Order Details
Metodo di pagoPayment Method

When using online bank transfer. you will have to user the Order Number received per email in the description of your payment. Please send us a proof of payment.

Ora di hasi transfer via cuenta bancario, lo mester usa Order Number cu ricibi via email den e descripcion di bo pago. Por fabor manda nos un copia di e comprobante di e transfer.

Con kier recicibi SmartcardHow would like to receive your smartcard

Delivery di e Smartcard tin un costo di AWG 5,00 pa cada un.

Delivery of Smartcard will cost AWG 5,00 per card.

Smartcard Rules & Regulations
  • This card remains property of Arubus N.V.
  • To replace e damaged or lost card a fee of AWG 25 must be paid.
  • The card will be withdrawn or blocked in case of misuse. 

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Mi ta di acuerdoI agree