Before 1979 the public transport was provided by a company named West-End Transportation on a very limited scale.

On September 28, 1979 the Government of Aruba bought West-End Transportation Company with a fleet of only 3 busses. On October 1st, 1979 the Government of Aruba started its own public transport company with 14 Volvos.
Since this date Arubus N.V. is the largest established public Transport Company in Aruba. The objective of the company is to provide transportation to the public in general and to operate busses and other public service vehicles.
The Government of Aruba is the sole shareholder of the company.

Now a days the fleet consists of 48 busses with brand names of Volvo, Blue Bird and Yutong. Once a year all the busses are inspected by the Government Technical Inspection Department. In 2010 we expanded our fleet with 10 Yutong busses. This will help us keep up with the growing demand of public transportation.


The amount of passengers has increased considerably during the last years reaching a record number of 2,923,000 passengers at the end of the year 2000. This important achievement was possible due to the outstanding performance of the drivers, who are very much dedicated to the on-time performance and a safe driving conduct on the busses. All drivers can communicate in 4 languages, which are Dutch, English, Papiamento (local language) and Spanish.

The line services are from 04:00 AM till 01:30 AM (almost 22 hours). The on time performance of Arubus is 90% and the no show up is 0%.