1What are your operation hours?
Our main office in Sabana Blanco 67 is open from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.
Our booth at the main station in Oranjestad is open from Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 2 PM.
2What is the bus fare and can I pay cash?
Each trip costs $2.60 per person. You can pay cash on our buses, or you can use a retour or day pass ticket.
3Where can I purchase retour or day pass tickets?
Please click the link below to see all the locations that sell our day passes and retour tickets.
4Can I apply for a smartcard as a tourist?
Yes, as a tourist, you can apply for the standard smartcard. You can apply online, which will take 5 business days to be approved, or you can visit the main office at Sabana Blanco 67 to apply and pay directly for the smartcard. The smartcard costs $8.75, and you need a valid ID to apply.
To apply online, please visit this link: https://arubus.com/smartcard/
5Do Arubus buses pass in front of the airport?
Yes, if you take bus Line 2, you can travel to and from the airport.
Please click the link to see the schedule and more information.

Oranjestad → San Nicolas: Routes & Schedules
San Nicolas → Oranjestad: Routes & Schedules
6Does Arubus accept luggage on the buses?
No, at this moment Arubus does not accept luggage on the buses, only carry-on items.
7Which bus should I take if I want to go to Eagle Beach?
It depends on your location, but from the main station in Oranjestad, you should take bus Line 10, which goes to Eagle Beach and Arashi Beach.
Please click the link below to have more information about the hours.
8Which line should I take to go to Baby Beach?
Arubus does not have any buses that go to Baby Beach at this moment.
9Where can I find more information regarding Arubus?
You can visit our website at [www.arubus.com], send us an email at [[email protected]], send us a message on our Facebook and Instagram pages, or call us at 5202300.