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Arubus N.V. a brief history…

Arubus N.V. is the major public transportation of Aruba owned by the Government of Aruba. We provide public transportation over major areas of the island. We also provide public school busses and private charters. If you’re interested in a party bus, we can offer that too.

Over the past 25 years Arubus has grown from a fleet of 14 busses to 48 busses. Our fleet consist mostly of Volvo busses and recently we purchased three new Blue Bird busses for school transportation. Arubus has recently purchased a Chinese brand bus as a pilot project. This bus comes with the well-known Cummins diesel engine and Voith transmission and it also comes with air-condition. One of the main reasons why Arubus invested in this Chinese brand bus is of it’s more economic purchase price which is much lower than to the Volvo busses supplied through Brazil. If this bus is successful, more units will be purchased in the future to replace the current Volvo fleet.

The rates we charge for bus trip are very reasonable priced. A single bus trip costs 2.50 florins with your Smartcard and 4.00 florins or $2.30 cash.

Arubus has a main office building, located a few blocks away from the Queen Beatrix Airport, which is the center of operation. There is a special garage that services and maintains our fleet and also does vehicles of other companies. We have skilled mechanics that take good care of our fleet for routine and emergency maintenance.