Arubus N.V. a brief history...

Arubus N.V. is the major public transportation of Aruba owned by the Government of Aruba. We provide public transportation over major areas of the island. We also provide public school busses and private charters.
Over the past 35 years Arubus has grown from a fleet of 14 busses to a total 42 busses.
Our fleet consists of:
-- 15 International busses
-- 12 Yutong busses
-- 21 Volvo busses

Arubus provides different services in order to cater both needs, for locals as for our visitors. We offer:

-- Retour cards at Awg 8.75 (local currency) or USD 5.00, this card can be used for two trips.
E.g. to the beaches (hotel area) and return downtown or V.V. Can also be used to travel to any other part of the Island.
-- Day Pass Awg 17.50 or USD 10.00 Valid for one day, unlimited transportation on all the routes of Arubus across the Island.
-- Charters are available upon request at a very good rate.

The goal of Arubus is to provide a safe, excellent and friendly service towards our customers.

For more information you can like our Facebook Page Arubus NV or Email us at [email protected]